Diva Secret International

Meet Our Founder

Mr. John Britto @Prospero

LLB(London) | Founder

John Britto- LLB(London) began his career as a Legal Advisor in Statsym Berhad. His expertise were then, in Labour Court matters where he began to love the interaction with people from all walks of life. This earned him the moniker “people’s man.”

Because of his strong desire and Love for people, he then ventured into business which gives him more opportunity to be with them. This prompted him to venture into conventional business, primarily in Asian countries especially Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. His business’s were call centers, travel agency and retail jewellery business.

Through his business counterparts, he was then introduced to a magnificent sector in which he could help millions of individuals to develop themselves and to transform their lives for the better, earning passive income through, online platform which is now popularly recognized as “The Network Marketing Industry”.

For more than fifteen years, he acquired knowledge and expertise, particularly in understanding people’s expectation and needs from all over the world and laid the Foundation for DIVA SECRET INTERNATIONAL. To his credit, he has built a strong network, globally especially in African countries. His foundation in this countries are far beyond, a mere business relationship but stretches to strong bonding that’s goes along with him.

His passion for people drove him to spend the majority of his time coaching, advising and listening to members from all over the world. John Britto@Prospero truly deserves to be acknowledged as a man who has the passion to meet people and bring the best out of them.

Ms. Wilma Nieva

Studied Bachelor of Science in Commerce majoring in banking and finance. She gained extensive knowledge and experience in operations, especially in sales and marketing, and business management skills, particularly in the areas of product planning and control, which serves a great contribution to the overall operation of Diva Secret International. She also has noteworthy skills in information technology.

Mr. Fasham Mastugi

He is the founder of several companies in Malaysia. 30 years in the networking industry. He is also a consultant to several direct sales companies in Malaysia and is